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AA refined product begins with the selection of its ingredients. As a certified organic business, we obtain our herbs and spices solely from organic farming. The full-bodied aromas of untreated juniper berries made this choice very easy.

»And so the greatest work may stand. One mind equal to a thousand hands.« (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)

Added to that are cilantro, lemon zest, angelica root, lavender blossoms, ginger root, orange blossoms, cubeb, and other “drugs” (or “botanicals”), so that a total of 13 selected herbs and spices give this gin its character. Hop blossoms and malt round off the drink and provide the authentic Bavarian personality. The result is extraordinary.

& Distillation

We chose the classic procedure of gin production, beginning with maceration and subsequent distillation. The intensity of the macerated aromas ultimately led us to making this choice. To this end, the “botanicals” are set into a mixture of alcohol and water and lixiviated over night. The delicate aromas of the wheat-rye ethanol carry the spices but remain discrete in the background.

Our copper distillery, hand-made in an old coppersmith’s shop, bears the proud name of “Carl.” It has been eagerly serving us since 2008.


When distillate and water are married, the newly wed mixture needs some time to rest. After a storage time of 4–6 weeks, the distillate is filled, labeled, and packaged in our production facility. The location of our Munich backyard still poses a number of challenges. Nonetheless, we have continued to develop since the early founding period..

»Cenosillacaphobia—the fear of an empty glass.« (Urban Dictionary)

Often, we look back at the times when we filled each bottle by hand using a funnel, laboriously glued the labels onto each bottle with the help of a stencil, and practiced much involuntary exercise by carrying things up and down and to and from the production basement.


“I can resist everything but temptation.” (Oscar Wilde)

There must be something true about this saying. Abstinence isn’t exactly our strong suit either. And to make this feeling last, new drink creations, such as our versatile gin, enter the vibrant bar scene. Therefore, it was especially important that this gin satisfies different cravings.