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Allem kann ich widerstehen nur der Versuchung nicht.

»I can resist everything but temptation.« (Oscar Wilde)

»Handcrafted in Bavaria«

»Copper pot distilled Munich Dry Gin«

»German Gin pioneers since 2008«

»One martini is all right. Two are too many, and three are not enough.« (James Thurber)



THE DUKE Gin – Munich Dry Gin

How the story of THE DUKE Distillery began…


It is the year 2008 AD. Foreign Gins have occupied culinary Germany, but one tiny backyard distillery still holds out. Max and Daniel come to help, with a bulb of magic gin in hand.

This is vaguely how the initiation of THE DUKE Distillery felt for the two determined students, who started their journey pursuing solely one goal: To create the best gin possible.

The renaissance of Gin accompanied another fortunate development – the rediscovery of the classic cocktail bar. As cocktails from the 50’s became popular again, exquisite drinks such as the Martini, Negroni, and Gimlet, celebrated their comebacks alongside the famous Gin & Tonic.

The Duke Tales

Gin Tonic


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